Compact Line Array PARK LINE-8

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Park Line-8

Compact Line Array

For indoor and outdoor use in disco clubs, theatres, night clubs, arenas, big concerts.


  • PE532e – line array element
  • TX5122 – midbass complementary subwoofer
  • Park Line-8
  • Park Line-8
  • Park Line-8
  • Park Line-8

Compact line array Park Line-8 is designed for use for concerts by professional rental companies, which requires high quality, reliability and high acoustic parameters and compact dimensions.

Line array Park Line-8 allows to reduce the cost of transporting in tour conditions, thus providing high sound quality, which meets the needs of the most demanding audience.

Line array Park Line-8 allows flexible change the sound direction, thus providing more simple and convenient placement and also reduces the cost of additional audio equipment.

All line array components are made of high-quality materials.
The acoustic system cabinet is made of birch plywood with water-polymer coating.

All suspension elements are made of steel to improve the strength characteristics. To increase corrosion resistance, the suspension elements have two-layer coating: the first layer is a galvanized zinc coating, the second layer – powder paint.

Good ergonomics of the suspension system, in combination with compact size and light weight of acoustic systems, ensure possibility of line array installation even by one person, if necessary.

One frame allows to suspend up to 12  line array elements.

In addition to the suspended arrangement, line array design also provides for a ground installation (Groundstack) on the frame or to subwoofers.
Up to 8 line array elements can be installed, without an additional frame on subwoofers. In this case, the lower line array element, mounted on a subwoofer, can be tilted up to 10 ° upwards or downwards (step 1°).

Park Line-8

Frame for hanging
Рама для подвешивания

Flight case for element PE532eFlight case for two elements PE532e

Case for TX5122Case for TX5122