Large-scale 12″ Line Array PARK LINE-12

Park Audio™


Large-scale 12″ Line Array

Use for concerts in big halls, theatres, arenas, stadiums, etc.


  • NL322 – line array element
  • SW128 MkII – tour subwoofer
    • Park Line-12
    • Park Line-12
    • Park Line-12

Large-scale 12” line array Park Line-12 is designed for use for concerts by professional rental companies, which require high quality, reliability and high acoustic parameters .
Line array Park Line-12 is designed for use in hard concert and tour conditions, thus providing high sound quality, which meets the needs of the most demanding audience.

Line array Park Line-12 allows flexible change the sound direction, thus providing more simple and convenient placement and also reduces the cost of additional audio equipment.

All line array components are made of high-quality material.

Loudspeaker NL322 cabinet is made of birch plywood with water-polymer coating.
All suspension elements are made of steel to improve the strength characteristics. To increase corrosion resistance, the suspension elements have two-layer coating: the first layer is a galvanized zinc coating, the second layer – powder paint.

Good ergonomics of the suspension system ensures possibility of line array installation even by two people.

The strength characteristics of the line array suspension components, frames and fasteners allow to suspend up to 12 elements of a line array per one frame.

The angle setting system has a step of 1 ° and allows to position the line array relative to each other at an angle of 0 ° to 10 °.

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