In the middle of July, the 4-day festival “Faine Misto – territory of free people” was held in Ternopil. This year the festival the festival was organized on the territory of the Ternopil Hippodrome outside the city, and gathered together about 15 thousand people.

There were 6 stages on the territory of the festival. During the 4 days of the festival over 100 music groups played on them.

The three scenes of the festival – BLACK STAGE, LIGHT STAGE and Amphitheater – were equipped with PARK AUDIO sound systems.

Faine Misto - DARK Stage - PARK LINE-12

The BLACK STAGE, where «Affecting Dissent», «The Light»,, «Legenda Folium», «Fitz Roy», «Septa», «Sunset Trail»played, was equipped with large-scale line array PARK LINE-12.  The stage monitors CX5115M and active PA systems DUPLEX SET were installed at the stage.

Faine Misto - Light Stage - PARK LINE-8

To ensure the perfect sound on the LIGHT STAGE we used the compact line array PARK LINE-8 and stage monitors CX5115M. Music bands “One in canoe”, “Jenia and Katia”, “Brutto”, Khrystyna Solovii, “Bloom Twins”, “Tabula rasa” and many others played on the LIGHT STAGE.

There was a very special atmosphere on the stage of the Amphitheater, where famous modern writers (Sergei Zhadan, Kapranov brothers, Yuriy Izdryk, Andrey Lyubka, and others) performed. There were also various lectures, which were popular among visitors. Considering the huge number of visitors, a time-tested set of VECTOR 2 was chosen for the stage.

The photos are taken from the official page of the festival “FAINE MISTO – the territory of free people”.