Park Audio II Company


Founded over 20 years ago, Park audio is the largest manufacturer of professional audio equipment in Ukraine.

The product range includes more than 100 items, including power amplifiers, passive and active acoustic systems, active PA systems, line arrays, flight cases, racks, cases for the various equipment and accessories for them.

High quality and reliability of the products are provided by a multi-level control system, modern automated equipment and tools, as well as experience engineering and technical staff.

All Park Audio II products are certified.

Park Audio II is official distributor of:

◦ American company EMINENCE
◦ Italian company B&C SPEAKERS
◦ German company ADAM HALL

Active Mixer PM744
Park Audio added a new member to the active mixer family - its active mixer PM744. It became the low end model in PM-series. PM744 has 2 х 350 W output power and operates at 8 Ohms impedance. The mixer section of PM744 is completely identical to other models of the PM-series.
Park Audio Technical Seminar 2015
On July 30, 2015 a specialized technical seminar for a small number of specialists, who exploit PARK AUDIO equipment, was held on the territory of the company. The main purpose of the seminar was to develop the methodology of setting the line array and experimental testing of several variants of subwoofers line array installation.
Line Arrays Of Constant Curvature
Traditional linear arrays provide high sound pressure level and optimally send the sound to the desired area. However, they are quite expensive and difficult to install. The constant curvature line arrays were designed to solve this problem.
Vertical Line Arrays
Vertical line arrays (sound column) is one of the most popular and rapidly developing areas in professional audio. Park Audio actively joined this trend. Our engineers designed acoustic systems SPIKE3610 and SPIKE3812, based on vertical line arrays technology.
New Subwoofers
Since the beginning of 2015 we started producing two completely new subwoofers: TX6118-P - 18" B&C woofer, bassreflex and TX112-P - 12" B&C woofer, hybrid.
Design and Manufacture Capabilities News
Time does not stand still – for past year our company made a lot of progressive changes. Our acoustic systems design and manufacture capabilities significantly increased.
BC SpeakerZ
Faital PRO
Adam Hall